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Weekend B Skincare's Featured Products

Weekend B Skincare strives to help people enjoy the benefits of clear and healthy skin. Weekend B Skincare was created by Linda. Linda is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician. She is also certified as a lash artist, makeup artist, and medical tattoo artist. Linda is committed to helping people achieve their skin care goals. Linda has a genuine passion for helping others.

Linda chose to pursue skin care as a career at a young age. She was influenced by the trauma she faced while suffering from acne. As her skin began to clear up, Linda devoted her personal life to creating better habits. She makes it a priority to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. Using professional skincare products is another asset.

Weekend B Skincare is a place where you can visit and relax. Linda notes that helping cancer survivors is one of her career highlights. Her products have assisted people dealing with scars and stretch marks, as well as reconstruction.

Featured Product: Collagen Therapy

Collagen therapy is an invasive procedure designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and create a better skin tone. Collagen and elastin help smooth lines and reduce blemishes. Collagen therapy can help you if you are suffering from pigmentation issues. During the treatment, special serums are injected into the skin. The serum fights off the aging process and causes your skin to brighten. Within 4 weeks, you will watch your stretch marks fade and possibly shrink. To achieve the best results, sign up for at least three rounds of therapy.

Featured Products: Chemical Peels


Berry antioxidant peels can help reduce aging, wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Berry peels consist of the natural benefits of cranberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

Rosacea Peel

Rosacea peel helps treat people suffering from mild rosacea. Rosacea peels are designed to stimulate the skin’s anti-inflammatory functions. The Rosacea peel can help remove damaged cells, preventing the spread of bacteria. Rosacea peels hydrate the skin and help reduce irritation and redness.

Vitamin A Peel

Vitamin A peels help resurface and exfoliate the skin. The peel contains retinol and glycolic, which helps eliminate wrinkles and tightens the skin.


One of Weekend B Skincare’s top products, Trichloroacetic Acid and tyrosinase inhibitors help treat skin by preventing acne and wrinkles. TCA combines with vitamin E antioxidants to ensure that you will receive safe skin peeling.


Lactic acid peels also contain Acai berry, Cocoa, and resveratrol. The unique combination provides multiple benefits to help restore the skin. Your skin will become more elastic and hydrated.

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