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Meet Me

Hi! My name is Linda and I have been practicing skincare as a licensed Esthetician since 2003 and licensed Cosmetologist since 2011. Skin is my passion. As a young lady coming into womanhood, I always loved to see what I could do to make not only myself look and feel better, but I always wanted to help others achieve that too. As many Estheticians do, I suffered from acne as a teen. It consumed me. I made it my goal to walk out the door with a clear face! That led me to my career in skin. I vowed to myself early on, that I would fight the aging process 100%. That's why I get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise daily, try not to stress too much, get Botox on a regular schedule and use professional skincare products daily!

Weekend B Skincare is my home away from home. I live, eat, breathe my job.

I am also a certified lash artist, permanent makeup artist and Medical Tattoo Artist. I wear all my badges with PRIDE. As your skincare and tattoo professional, I will give you all the knowledge, advice and care I can to help you achieve all your skincare goals too. 

Being able to help cancer survivors with their reconstruction journey is a huge passion of mine. 3D Areolas give back what you were meant to look like. It is a gift I can give someone who went through such a traumatic experience and I can help them feel whole again. Camouflaging scars, stretch marks and helping with gender reconstruction (top surgery) are a gift. Please let me give them to you :)


My shop is a place to make you comfortable, relaxed and leave feeling that you received the best care you could possibly get!

My Philosophy

  • I will ALWAYS give it to you straight. I don't push products, but will gladly recommend some very effective, professional products if asked.

  • I will give to the best of my knowledge, ability and scope of practice, the best advice for any issue you are dealing with.

  • I give all my clients the best service and experience that is expected and needed.

  • I practice what I preach!

  • I am very proud of my continuing education in all aspects of my practice. I will never stop learning and sharing my knowledge and skills with you.

  • I am just a text away--I try to answer any question ASAP.

  • I appreciate and am grateful for each and everyone of my clients. You make it possible for me to enjoy the career I chose to have. Thanks!

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