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Lash Artist

 Lash Lifts, Lash Extensions and Amazing Eyes

They are like window frames or elegant portrait frames, except what they frame is much more beautiful than any window or picture. Our lashes can define, highlight, and be the touch your eyes need to come alive. That is also where the help of an experienced and talented lash artist can help, with tools like cosmetics, lash lifts, and other beautifying techniques to showcase - not hide your eyes.

Imagine lashes that aren't only longer, but fuller, that aren't only fuller, but stronger, and imagine having those lashes naturally. Now, stop imagining and make those lashes a reality with the Keratin LASH infusion treatments at Weekend B Skincare, where your beauty is their business. These treatments treat the entire lash too, eliminating the concern or issue of having frizzy, frayed, or uneven lashes. And these lash treatments at Weekend B Skincare can increase the volume of your eyelashes by 40% too.

The eyes are the windows to the soul they say, and they are beautiful windows indeed. That also means they deserve the kind of frames that look full, thick, attractive, and beautiful lashes. You don't have to live with unruly lashes. You don't have to settle for lashes that don't draw attention to your eyes, and with services like lash lifts you can have the kind of lashes that demand a double-take.

Thank you for stopping by Weekend B Skincare, where I have the expertise, experience, products, and techniques to bring out your best you - starting with your eyes. For the lashes you dream of and that your beautiful eyes deserve, contact Weekend B Skincare, and let your lashes do the talking.

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