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Doesn't Your Face Deserve the Care of an Esthetician?

It is the only one we get, and the truth is, it is beautiful. While so many of us look in the mirror and seemingly see a face with three eyes, and a nose covered with warts, the truth is none of us look like Helga the Wicked. The truth is, in fact, that faces are beautiful, and that includes yours. And another truth is that your face deserves the care of a professional esthetician, and quality chemical peels and skincare products.

The structure of the human face is so unique, elegant, and distinct. And every face has its own set of features and particular strengths. Some of us have strong jawlines, others have highly attractive cheekbones. From our electrifying eyes to those subtle and sweet features like that soft chin or perfectly rounded face, highlighting and bringing out our best features is our job at Weekend B Skincare. defines estheticians as "skincare specialists responsible for performing a variety of facial and body treatments designed to increase, improve, or maintain the health and appearance of the skin." And that is just about the perfect definition, and the perfect description of what I do at Weekend B Skincare. If you are ready to embrace your beauty, and to bring out your best self, then I can help.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Weekend B Skincare, and I look forward to helping you with all of your beauty and skincare needs. Contact us to find out more about our services, what I do, or to schedule your appointment, and let's talk about you.

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