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Volume lash extensions are custom made fan lashes applied to your own lashes. These luxury lashes add depth, fullness and volume to your existing lashes. Fills are recommended every 2 or 3 weeks. Extra maintenance and care are CRUCIAL for these type of lashes to stay looking their best. Please be advised this service takes longer than Classics- arrange for up to 3.5 hours for a full set and 2 hours for a fill. 

Volume Lashes Volume Full Set - $400

Hybrid Full Set (mix of Classic & Volume) - $300

Volume Fill  - $150

Hybrid Fill  - $130



Classic lash extensions are semi permanent, individual lashes applied to your own lashes 1:1. They extend the length and thickness of your lashes. These type of lashes add a natural look to your existing lashes. 

Fills are recommended every 2 or 3 weeks. Price my be subject to change due to amount of fill is needed.

Classic Lashes Full set - $200

Express fill - $45

Regular fill - $65

Extended fill- $85

After 3 weeks is considered a full set.

Pre Appointment Care:

  • No waterproof mascara for a least 3 days prior and NOTHING containing oils around eyes for at least 10 days prior to appointment.

  • Please come to appointment with no eye makeup on. Lashes need to be CLEAN and ready to start your appointment. 

  • Please be ready to lay still without moving, talking or bathroom breaks.

  • Please do not drink coffee at least 3 hours prior to appointments!

I do not fill other lash artists work

all new clients need to book a new set

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